Girls, why would you delete a photo of an ex from Facebook?

Girls, why would you delete a photo of an ex from Facebook? This girl deleted the only photo of us on Facebook. We weren't even in a relationship and the picture was nothing more than just us standing next to each other. No one would ever think we had something going on when looking at the pic. We looked like friends on it. We weren't in a relationship, so why would she delete that pic? All her other gazillion photos are still on, the only one she deleted was that of us. Any suggestions? And why would YOU delete a photo?


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  • I would assume she doesn't want any association with you. So any trace of you in her life is gone. Hence the picture being deleted.

  • Erasing bad memories or doesn't want to think about you anymore

    • She actually didn't want to end things, she was really mad when I said we should stop seeing each other, and the only reason I said we should stop seeing each other was because she didn't want to commit. I didn't think she cared about me, I thought she would just be indifferent and not care about erasing anything. We haven't talked since breaking up at all, but she's been acting a little weird on Facebook lately. She's liking posts of my best friend, posting pictures with random guys etc.

    • So you're guessing that she's trying to make you jelouse. The only reason why girls normally do this is either to forget the guy and find distraction with someone else or she wants to get a reaction from you in a passive aggressive type of way lol

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