Been cheated on, what do I do?

I know it's true, he's ignoring me and doesn't have the balls to tell me to my face and end it. Instead he's contacting me on snapchat text and not replying to my actual texts.

what do I do?

options I'm thinking:
1. Text him that I'm disappointed in him and that its iver
2. Call him and do that
3. Go wait at his house (he's avoiding me so can't organise) and tell him in person


Most Helpful Guy

  • Is it really that important to tell him it's over? Just stop all communication

    • @vmw2008 @reptocarl but I can't let him just get away with it, should I let him know that he's hurt me and that no other girl will be as supportive of his work and dreams as I am?

    • He wouldn't care. He has no guilt. What you're trying to do is called a guilt trip. It only works on people that have a sense of guilt

Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree with @reptocarl. In addition to cheating on you, he's now avoiding speaking with you or seeing you? So he's a cheater, and incapable of taking responsibility for his actions. Real winner.

    It's not important to tell him at this point. End communication. Don't degrade yourself by chasing after him for an answer. It's his job to come begging and pleading to you.


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  • No need to even say a word or Text action's speak louder then words. He cheated on you. You now walk away For life


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  • he's not avoiding! lol he was writing an essay


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