If he texts less why doesn't he just leave me alone?

He used to call me at least once a week, and text me 3 times a week, but now he texts me 1 time now but never calls me. It all started when he went on a trip for his birthday, and I didn't hear from him for 3 weeks, but then he texts me "hey you" "are you upset with me" and "?" And he called once but I was asleep so I didn't answer until the next day. After that he texted me for 2 weeks everyday, then stopped and now only texts me once a week. I never text or call him and I'd rather him just leave me alone then to act like this.


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  • That's really strange his behaviour is on and off as far as texting and alling is concerned

    • Yeah it's very strange, but I blocked his number today because I'm so tired of him doing this to me. Only thing is I feel really sad about it now 😔

    • Yes, I understand and you did the right thing. Thanks for the MHO

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  • no. nope


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