How can I feel like a good person?

I'm having trouble feeling like I'm a good person.

My best friend cut me off a year ago without warning, and I confronted her about it and said some pretty horrible things. I emailed her an apology a few months after, but the damage has been done and we are no longer friends.

We were toxic to one another, and the friendship was definitely making us both miserable because of how much we had both changed. The ending of the friendship still troubles me though, and I'm having a hard time forgiving myself for saying some of the hurtful things I had said.

I feel like a horrible person. I don't know how to forgive myself for hurting someone else so badly. She called me "toxic" and "negative", and I don't know how to get over hating myself for being that person.

Any advice?


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  • It happens to most people lol it happen to me, sometimes anger gets the best of us and we say and do things that hurts others, ask for forgiveness and if they don't want to talk to you, just simply move one, don't kiss ass, don't lower your value, don't chase and pursue, sometimes the damage is to big and the relationship is broken for good, trust me no matter what you do you can't change the other persons mind, I also had a best friend and we got into and argument and we both said hurtfull things, well talk evey once in a while but things are just not the same, sometimes its better to move one, forgive yourself you made a mistake, this is good now you know not to react the same way with future friendships, keep ya head up


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  • These things happen. People change or figure out they aren't compatible. It's no ones fault. There is no blame to place. Therapy always helps me with issues like these. Meditation could help. Talk to someone your close to about it.

  • Well, you can only feel like a good person if you do good deeds. Since you said you were toxic to one another so that's good it ended. Toxic relationships, friendships are never healthy anyways


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  • Try community service! It makes me feel really good! Last summer, I helped raise over 23,000 pounds of produce and donated it to a food bank. It felt really good helping to end hunger in my community. Just a thought! :)


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