She's being really mean and cold towards me after 3weeks?

I've been ignoring her for 2 weeks since the 4th week of the initial break up , So the other night I broke the ice, she mentioned the post I made about her which was some hurtful things I said even towards her family on Facebook she's been watching me, she wasn't happy about that she cussed me and told me she don't care she's over me I'm a crazy guy her ego was high we talked about how she's gonna miss the good stuff (including sexwise) about me she was denial about it so she stopped the chat I left it.

At 2 o'clock in the morning I got a message basically about my point she will miss the good things about me when we were together. She said I'm easy to be replaced for a new guy and told me I'm going to find it hard to move on wow she's brave I replied with sarcasm although she says she's over me and don't care but it's only been 2-3 of no contact and 4 weeks

since the break up she's being really bitter towards me. I left my whatsapp account to private she can't see my picture and status she has done the same to make it as if she blocked me, the. She saved my number so I can see her pictures of her stepping up her appearance maybe for another guy although she constantly told she's not interested in anyone.

I think to make me jealous the. She hid her profile again but never have blocked me. I'm confused what is she trying to do? Thanks to my stupid friend I took his advise to try talk to her..


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  • So... first you broke up with her, and then you posted some mean and ugly things about her and her family online for the whole world to see, and then you ignored her for two weeks. And now she's giving you the cold shoulder, but you can't understand why. She's not going to want to bake you a cake and say sweet things to you afterwards. When there's a break up involved, things cool off pretty fast. It gets ugly. Hearts get broken. Try to do some things you enjoy with your friends to help you get over her, and try to leave her in the past, where she belongs. Good luck to you!

    • She dumped me and I didn't know she will go on my Facebook to find out, I said hurtful things to her so has she which I don't care I'm over that she struggles this girl can hardly communicate let alone fix her own issues so blames me for everything

    • I do understand why because she's hurt she's acting on it

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  • Why does this matter to you? It's your EX girlfriend, a chick you dumped. Of COURSE she's going to be bitter, of COURSE she's going to say mean and spiteful things about you. If you still want her in your life why did you break up with her? If you don't want her in your life why are you talking to her? Just leave her alone and let her heal, like you should

    • She broke up with me

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    • K-you've already decided what you are going to do, so I'm not sure why you asked a question to begin with. Happy hunting, I wish you the best.

    • I was only asking for an opinion so... Yeah

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