Is it normal to be sad way too much after couple of months since the breakup?

Me and my ex break up almost 3 months ago and I'd say I'm feeling like nobody, like I'm missing her as much as my soul within myself. I'm constanly thinking about her and I belive this isn't normal.

I do really miss her support, hugs, time spended even her smile and love that we bought we're sharing or at least me. I typed to her two days ago saying that I want to talk to her, but she replied :
1." I don't want to tall and see with you, I'm not hurted, there's nothing to clear out with you.
Please go growth and leave me alone, to live my 'new' life, I already have somebody next to me (cred : this is lie, couple friends told me about it ).
2. The only problem I have is you (me)
3. Stopp reaching me out, you don't understand & overdo, the problem is that you didn't continued
4. I do not fuss about anything but I really overdo

We both were together for more than 4 years and this is the way she talk to me after she left me before New Year's Eve, I'm totally hurted and don't know how to proceed, I believe I'd never have another girl in my life.


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  • Dude man up, younhave a soft Heart like i do. Stop hurting yourself because thats All whats happening.
    Het out there, do nice and fun things with friends, meet People, het another Job or New hobby. Anything tonkeep yourself busy so you dont have time to think about her and work on yourself.

    • Honestly, I'd say my job is also frustrating me, I'm software developer and I'd say the only contact I had during the day is over online, nobody understands me..
      My parents are divorced, almost living and relying on myself.

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    • Time is not healing unsolved problems, it mask them for quick time and one day they reveal again. Unless I don't have another girl in my life to share my love to.

    • Dude, everything started with Time so it ends with Time.
      4 years is a Long time and i understand that it isn't over in a few months. My only advice is to take it slowly, grief, and live your Life day by day. At some point you will see that there Are good days, and Bad days.
      Im sorry for the Pain this causes you. I wish i could do something about it but i can't, i dont have Super powers.

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  • Yeah man it's good to get a cry out once in awhile


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