Why would my ex want advice from me?

She contacted after 11 months of no contact whatsoever saying that she knows we haven't spoken in a while but that she was in a country I had been to and wanted advice. She could have gotten the advice from somewhere else...

I told her when we ended it that I didn't wantto be friends and I think the no contact period emphasised that fact.

Why has she contacted me after all this time?


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  • Do you know that there were other people she knows who have been to that country? If not, she probably really did want the advice of someone who's been there.

    Otherwise, it could be that she chose to ask you instead of someone else because it was a good excuse to have a no pressure kind of chat and see how you're doing / what's new. There are two possible reasons why she'd want to know how you're doing and what's new with you - either she still cares about you as a person despite having moved on, or she misses you.

    • There are. My friend, who is friends with her too (they went to the same school) has been to south America, and it wouldn't surprise me if one of her own friends went either during the break up or before.

      But then again, if she couldn't find anyone to give her advice there are hundreds of books and websites on South America and there staff in travel agencies who would willing to give you information for free. I, personally, wouldn't dream of contacting an estranged ex to ask for advice... would you?

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    • That's a nice enough response. Could have added a "you have to see ___ while you're there!" Or "stay away from ____ area" which is probably more what she was looking for but good response anyways.

    • Yeah I know she's hoping I tell her places to go/visit... but I didn't want to go out of the way and write an essay on things to do there. If she wants to know places to visit and whatnot she'll answer me, if she doesn't answer me then she was just being curious about me and that's it.

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  • My Best 'Advice from me' is she is Finding a Reason of her own Season to Now... Want to be friends and to Contact you.
    It's up to you, the ball is in your own court Now Somehow. If you have moved on, then Tell her you are Sorry, "No advice" and just Be... Nice.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Probably was just using that as a stupid excuse to see what you are up to. You are right, she could have gotten that info from anywhere.

    • So she's just curious?

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    • Hmm interesting. So the grass wasn't greener and so she thought back to me?

    • Could be, I would not start to assume anything though.

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