How can I deal with an ex constantly coming into my work place?

Okay so I'm going to try to keep this as short as possible. I dated one of my co workers sons for a little bit since I found out he crushed on me for 6 months since I worked there, I know not a very good idea at all, it was very short lived only last for about a 3 month until he decided he wasn't 'ready for a relatonship' I guess he felt he wasn't capable for one. I said okay and cut all contact for him. It's been about 3 months since weve talked to each other or hung out. Only thing is within that 3 months until now he is constantly coming into my work place, I know his mom is there too and mainly comes in to take her car places or take her out to lunch. But it's horrible because every damn time i'm there he comes in, it's really annoying. I still have these feeling for him and him always there when I'm there doesn't make it any better. How can I deal with this situation? Part of me feels like he purposly does this just to get to me.


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  • It sounds like you are trying to ask how to interpret his behavior -- trying to understand if he is coming to your work because he has feelings for you. If you have already decided that this relationship is not one you want, then why does it matter if he still has feelings for you? Or maybe you haven't fully decided?

    • I have decided he is definitely not the one I want at all, It just really gets to me that he is constantly coming into my work place, I don't want to see him and only seeing him brings back all these feelings while I'm trying to heal.

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    • I'd think that be too Vulnerable...

    • I've always had the most respect for those who are authentic and willing to be vulnerable. I like myself best when that is the part of me that emerges. Only recently have I more fully understand that the ability to expose vulnerability comes from a position of strength and confidence.

  • Easiest thing to do is just be friendly with him and not let it get back into a relationship until he can prove he's ready. That is of course if your still interested.


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