Can a dumper feel upset, lonely and miss their ex even though they said they didn't love that person anymore? And over a month since break-up?

I'm so curious to see the dumper's point of view. How would you feel after breaking up with someone you once loved and realising you'd cause upset for that person? Would you feel relieved to be separated and able to move on? Or does it haunt you? What is NC period like for a dumper?


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  • It can definitely make you feel that way, for sure. Even if you don't reciprocate the same feelings toward the other person anymore, your brain doesn't know the difference. It still craves the attention and affection you used to get, which makes it hard to be apart. You basically took one of its most important sources of oxytocin away and now it's all like "whaaaat? How do I replace this now?"


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  • They certainly can. Often, it depends on the reason they broke it off. I ended my relationship recently - she couldn't keep her word, made me make her promises that she had no intentions of making back, so on.
    Do I miss her? Not sure. I miss that idea of having someone other than a friend or family member to talk to. Fortunately I've always done well as an independent person.
    I don't really have a "NC period." Once the relationship is over, it's over.


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  • Yes. Verrry. Its an impulse in the heat of the moment im working to control. When i get stressed out about someone i care about, or feel him/her can't see how much i care it frustrated me. Makes me feel angry and useless and boom. Youve just dumped the one important person. Emotionally hard and depressing on both sides. Even more so when ur the dumpie


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