What would you do or how would you feel?

been broken up with my ex for almost 2 months, haven't spoken in a month. Would sending a letter (not all sappy) or sending flowers work? girls would this work? how would you feel if this happened to you?
Guys have you ever done something like this a month later or so after not talking?
without getting too long, she broke up with me, there was no cheating or abuse or arguing when we were together. and yes i did try and get he back in the begining, basically i wasn't around around for a month not by choice but it was just i couldnt get to se he for a month and kept cancelling and she finally said not seing me that long was too long of a break and broke up with me. thanks!


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  • If I received a letter or flowers from an ex I would probably just toss the letter or regift the flowers.

    • even if you broke up do to circumstances and not cause cheating or abuse?

    • Yes. It's been two months. She broke up with you. I don't think she's waiting around for you to try to win her over.

  • Those are bad ideas if I'm correct that
    a) she's shopping around
    b) probably is entertaining a potential new boyfriend, trying him out and doesn't care to be disturbed by the past & your interruptions

    You might have to stalk her to see what's up but better if you could tap into past investments of friendship with her friends/family to really know what's she's up to & if she would consider accepting any messages/things from you first. Be sure to play the "I miss her" card during such revelations subtly.

    • well she not with no one now, i mean we did breakup but people do get back together

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    • no not utah, we haven't spoken in a month so there's been no communication hence no arguing. i mean i read whee they say give it 30 days then try to contact so thats why i was thinking a letter or flowers but just wanted some opinions

    • thanks for the answer, now I have to guess each of the other 49 states? really?

      letter/flowers are OUT!

      get a conversation with one of her insiders

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  • Would just move on. Even if you loved her there is always someone else that you could love out there.


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