Ex lets kids meet his new partner?

Ok i will try and keep it short.
Ex doesn't see kids often like one every 4,5,6,7,8 weeks last time he seen them 3 weeks ago food tea (an hour). Before that it was January.

Anyway had a chat with him saying this is the last time now as you can't come in and out of their lives. He said im getting my own place soon so can have them more. I said ok that's fine but i would like you to build a relationship with the girls and see them weekly. I also would like that to be done for a while before your partner meets your girlfriend. He said he won't let them down again.

The week after he didn't turn up for them. I didn't go mad or anything just left it. He asked to see them today, so i let me coz i want my girls to have a relationship with him (this is a 3 week break from last seeing them) and he took them to meet his girlfriend.

Am i in the wrong to be mad with him?

Was i in the wrong asking him to wait for her to meet them?
I really do need some advice.
He has been on and off seeing his kids since August , since getting with this girl.


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  • I think its more important that they see you two getting along infront of them and being able to be around each other and being friendly. Cause they need to know that they really do have both parents.

    I say this as I was adopted and yes I had a adoptive mom and dad but it seems like kids who have both bio parents in their lives. Who can get along togther teaches the kids how to cope and communicate and be less hesitant to make friendships. Kids copy anyone older than themselves down to the finest detail.

    • I have tried to be civil with him, but he doesn't want to be on the same page as me when it comes parenting. I mean i spend 7 days a week with my children he pops in and out of their lives. I know what is best for my children, even him being in the lives but he thinks im telling him what to do. I mean when he first got in a relationship he puy it on Facebook but said to his children he wasn't in one. Then haven't said anything at all then months later they meet her. When early he should of kept seeing his kids weekly and spoke to them about her so they knew about het but he didn't he didn't see them for 3 weeks and then drop that on them. The thing is the older two don't even like the fact he's got a girlfriend or like tha fact he hasn't been seeing them. I tried to get him to see them with no joy. The younger ones they saod they are fine with it.

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    • Just teach the kids to appreciate silence and learning to breathe deeply. It's a funny thing to do but it can make life less stressful and reduce headachs.

    • True, im sure in the long run they will be just fine

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  • You're not in the wrong but I'm also guessing that you're never going to be able to get him to respect your wishes or to be a more permanent fixture in your kids life.

    • What do i do then? Im thinking about getting him to take me to court now. I know a judge would say see them regularly and for a long time before she should meet them. But he thinks im telling him what to do. Im not im thinking about my children's feelings. Im the one that comforts them when they are upset about not seeing him. Im their sole carer i know what they can and can't deal with but he seems to do what he likes. Then his mum has the cheek to tell me im in the wrong coz i changed one day of them not being able to go because i had to go through their hair. They wouldn't of gone through it i know that for sure. But has nothing to say about him not turning up at all the see them

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