Okay, guys! I need a quick response. I think about writing to my ex, would this be alright?

So, my ex boyfriend and I broke up around 9 months ago. We were together for a year.
I feel like it was a bad mistake, because the reason wasn't very good (We didn't see each other enough and both parts worked too much).
He was also very heartbroken and sad, just like me.
So, yesterday I was in the city where he lives, and I kind of want to text him.
Would this be okay to text? What would you think, if you were him?

''Hello (name)!

I was in (name of city) yesterday, and thought about you.

How are you? And how's life in general? :) ''

Thank you, alot! :)

PS. We're both 17
We never fought, and were really caring towards each other. There is no bad feelings between us, we just haven't really been in contact since.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Why have your ahe as 18 to 24 if you are 17?

    Also, thats too long. Cut it down.

    Something like "was in (city). Thought of you. Still around?

    • thanks! And it won't seem weird?

      And about the age, I don't know honestly haha

Most Helpful Girl

  • That's pretty cute.

    No matter what you write, it won't affect whether he has his mind made up as to whether he wants to answer or not.

    Just understand that!

    I find it great you're sending him a message, and it's sweet you want to know how he's doing.


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What Guys Said 2

  • no too boring and that's more of a thing a friend would say.
    guys like it when you get to the point. This is what I would text him.

    hi hun
    how have you been?
    I was in (name of city) yesterday, and the memories of us had been going through my mind tbh I'v been missing you for the longest time.
    text me when you can, I have things I wan't to get off my chest

    something like that
    then when he replies explain your feelings.

  • Sure, nothing to lose.


What Girls Said 3

  • Just be careful with emojis when texting an ex. But, otherwise, I think it looks fine. Good luck!!!

  • If I were him I'd think you'd want to rekindle ur relationship.

  • Yeah thatd be rad! Go for it


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