When will I stop thinking about him?

To make things short - Me and a guy who I used to talk to everyday for 3 months and had sex with Iost interest and now we don´t talk anymore because I´m tired of waiting for him and had blocked him. Im done crying every night and wishing he´d come back to me, and now I´m actually feeling great. The thing is that he´s still on my mind, pretty much everyday and I hate it. I hate how I always think about when I´m in bed with him, when we were together and stuff. It kinda makes me angry and sad at the same time, but I dont cry anymore. Is this normal, and if not how do I get him out of my life for sure by not thinking about him?


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  • You sound exactly like my ex girlfriend. She felt the exact same way you currently do. I never thought she would get over me and eventually she did. and this is how..

    New guys popped into her life. She started to talk to other people. Eventually she did things with them. and went on dates and now she has no feelings for me. You need someone else to take your mind off him otherwise it's going to take much longer to get over him.


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  • You're infatuated by this guy.
    Eventually, he will fade away from your mind.
    Yes, it seems like that will never happen because it HAS been happening for so long.
    But trust me, things will grow better.
    Regaining contact won't change your history together, he'll probably still operate the same way towards you.
    So anything you feel those urges to re-connect understand that the situation is one that cannot be helped.
    This will give you ease in knowing that you are standing strong, and making the right choice to continue to move forward.
    It's hard to erase someone from our minds that we invested so much like in, once upon a time.
    But yes, trust me!
    IT WILL get better!!


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  • when you start talking to someone else.

  • Yea you'll find someone else and forget about him.


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  • I think it's very normal to think about someone you've experienced things like this with, and especially if things around you always remind you of him. In my first relationship I couldn't get this guy out of my head for almost half a year and it wasn't because I missed him or wanted him back. I just constantly thought of things that could have gone differently and if I made the right choices. He did eventually fade away from my mind tho.

    My advice would be to just meet new boys and focus on yourself, and in the process you might even forget about him


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