Should I be friends with my ex?

My ex broke up with me 3 months ago but wants to be friends. I still have feelings for him. I try to ignore him, but he

follows me around, he calls me constantly and tells me he wants my company etc.

He ditched me.. well, not ditched, he was just ambivalent about me.. and wanted to play the field a bit.

He is persistent in his contacting me.

I told him there was bitterness on my side and he couldn't understand. He keeps sending texts now asking what I mean and seems genuinely upset that I am unhappy with him.

He also continues to call me pet names, compliments me and remembers everything I say/have said. He rings me very late i.e. 11, 12pm and always waits up for me online.

It's excruciating as I still have feelings for him, but I'd never ever get back with him.

I want to be one of those people who can be mature and friends with their ex... but I am resentful of the way he broke up with me (a couple of weeks before he did he told me he was still in love), and while my heart wants to see him.. my mind would prefer it if I didn't.

I find it excruciating chatting with him and face that he will eventually introduce me to/talk about his new girlfriend but also excruciating without him. When we don't see each other, I miss him so much.

He told me he'd be so upset if we stopped talking and he thinks it would be immature after 3 years together.

What to do? If not be friends, how do I break it to him? I don't want to build his ego too much (he is easily cocky).

My friends have told me he's an idiot and I should just forget him, but he seems genuinely wounded when I do not talk to him. His amount of phone calls is also insane for an ex.
Should I be friends with my ex?
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