What should I do? How to bring up 'that' conversation with the ex about still having feelings?

Me and my ex split up a few months ago, his decision. He said he didn't want to be tied down right now. We were together a fair while. He said I'm amazing and will always care for me, in a sense.

We went no contact for 3 months now. Until a couple of days ago when he been non stop texting me. I met up with him yesterday as we were at the same place and he asked me to up with him for a drink which I did. We spoke for a while. His messages as of late have been asking me why I removed him on social media and asking me to please don't hate him, which I no longer do. We've been talking regularly as normal now but I'm extremely confused on how or if I should do this. I still care about him, a lot. He hurt me and he knows it but why would he contact me non stop again? I need to know if telling him I still care would be wrong. Had anybody been in this situation before or could advise he is doing this to rekindle our relationship? ALL opinions mean so much to me. Thank you.


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  • Sounds like he does still like you. But seems like he misses the attention and whatever fling he had failed, so he is falling back on you because you are his safety net. Unless he comes out and says he wants to date you, amd that he is ready for a commitment then i would treat him as any other dude. Dont always respond to his messages, if you do stop after like 3 or 4. Dont always hangout when he wants. That'll wake his butt up and be will realize that you have a lot more going on than him. He is just using social media as an excuse to talk to you. Make him an option an you will see how he changed his game.


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  • I can see why you'd be confused. He hurt you and now he's coming back out of nowhere. The best thing you can do is to ask him straight up what his deal is and what he's doing. You have every right under the sun to know where you stand after he hurt you and left you. Do not make yourself open to letting your heart get broken again. Protect yourself. If he cares about you, he'll be honest with you. Put him in a corner and tell him to be real about his intentions.


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  • In all honestly I've been the girl version of him in your dillema and i rejected out of confusion, bad communication, strong emotions, fear of losing what i love (abandonment) and basically rejected. Not rejecting love per se, but just need to get my head striaght. wasn't a personal renection on my side of the fence even though it comes accross that way. That may be similar to what he felt. If be felt you were the one and was over whelmed with stronger emotions for your than hed ever had then id say maybe give him a shot. Six months is a painfully long time to love someone you can't have.. Your choice though. .. good luck

  • what a mind f*ck!

    sounds like he misses your attention. He's realised that you have started to move on after deleting him etc and has got scared.

    he's trying to get your attention back.. who doesn't want to feel wanted?

    there is a chance that he didn't realise what he had until it was gone. But it is also just as likely that he's after your attention again.

    if your are after a relationship or something more ask what the heck he is playing at before he wastes more of your time. If he still doesn't want to be tried down try to move on. If he doesn't want it after realising he lost you then he never will.

    he may just be using you to clear his conscience about treating you bad.

    personally if it were me id stay clear so not to get my heart broken twice. although thats a lot easier to say from an outsiders perspective


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