Did he Cheat on me? Because it sure feels like it?

OK I was dating this guy, we had been going out for almost a year when he started getting distant. More and more would he tell me about this girl in one of his classes and how she was awesome and wanted him to take her to homecoming. I didn't think much of it until one night he texted me and said that he liked her as more than just a friend. It hurt but we tried to make it work. For over 3 weeks we discussed what was going on between us. We were still very much together. He told me he snuck out a couple of nights to go see her yet he would never make that attempt when it came to me. They didn't do anything but I wanna know, if the emotions are there is it still considered cheating?
I feel like it was but he swears it wasn't, more opinions would be nice


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  • You don't have to physically have sex with someone to cheat. Yes, he emotionally cheated on you. It sounds to me like all would be better off if you two went your separate ways. You're still young, there are plenty of other guys out there.


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  • Emotionally cheating absolutely! He did things that weren't condoned outside the relationship, he probably told you because he was feeling guilty. Just because he didn't physically do anything with her doesn't mean he didn't betray your trust.


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  • Um wether or not he "cheated"... thats cheating.
    He's sneaking around with another girl. Please please lose him. You dont deserve that disrespect.

  • If that's how you feel then go with it and deal with it accordingly.


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