Why does my ex boyfriend stay after work much longer than necessary?

my ex boyfriend has been acting very odd as of late. I have the 'pleasure' of being in the situation where I decided to date someone from work :(

he has been working off the clock, not punched in and stays later and doesn't necessarily get paid for it.

I just want to know why someone would do this?


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  • Maybe he isn't acually working? Or trying to show the manager that he is a good hard-working person? But I believe the first option, I know I do not work for free when I have a life and better things to do with my time.

    • its just odd because he is rude to people and i have seen that he works at the same time i do, when i've avoided and changed shifts to avoid him.

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  • maybe he's trying to get ahead by showing initiative and commitment

    but maybe you could just ask him why he works extra time without any compensation

    • that makes sense, i dont talk to him and dont ever want to. just was curious about behaviour

  • He is your ex boyfriend so why does that matter to you so much. Well he could have his reasons for doing that, money is not the only thing that's important for people, people work, show extra commitment for various reasons.

    I am not saying money is not important, but what I am trying to say is that he could be staying back because he wants to impress his senior, come under performance appraisal , or he could be doing it for recognition.

    • it doens't matter. I've been telling my boyfriend its frustrating to run into him when I've switched shifts to avoid his face on purpose. my boyfriend says its a frustrating situation for me. I work the same job and get my work done on time. so i was just curious as to if this was a guy thing.

  • He is working hard to get ahead since he has all this extra free time. It's normal, probably has very little to do with you.

    • he's still getting less hours than me even if he tries hard. its not working.

    • You misunderstand, it us doubtful he is competing with you. He is likely just trying to better himself. His decision likely had nothing to do with you one way or another.

    • ok thanks for the clarification.

  • cause doesn't like you anymore

  • I don't understand why you should care - and I don't understand "I have the 'pleasure' of being in the situation where I decided to date someone from work " ... but then, I don't care :)

    Maybe he's fucking his coworker/s after work; maybe he doesn't like to go home straight away (I have no idea if you still live under the same roof as him, but if you do - then that's clearly why) or he's trying to show he's a good workman by working late

    • I was being sarcastic

    • Well color me surprised /s

    • lol. i never lived with this douche bag. he doesn't get shit done properly and probably will have his hours cut

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