How can I get over my ex, if 90% of things in this world remind me of her?

It's a long story, basically I broke up with the love of my life a little over a year ago. I still don't feel even tiny bit better about losing her. But I don't think about her as much anymore. But here is the problem: when we met, I was basically nothing, just a kid with absolutely no life. She showed me so much in this world, she showed me what life can really be like. And that's what I started living now, and everything reminds me of her.

I didn't have car at that time and we were driving together and she taught me how to drive and let me practice a lot, but now I have a car and just daily driving it reminds me of her. Also gas stations, since the only time I ever really started going to gas stations was with her and all gas stations look pretty much the same, it also reminds me of her.

Also coffee, she got me into drinking it, so now I drink it every day and it also reminds me of her.

The list goes on, simple things like: parking stations, supermarkets, even elevators, always make me think of her. Furthermore airports, because I flew over to her city to spend time with her. And those typical looking guys from US customs.

Not to mention seeing another couple together.

Also anything related to the US. Because I am from Canada.. And I went to visit her in US. There are many typical differences that you can see between the countries and today I went to Seattle and it all came back to me again, even though she was from Chicago, but it's also US.

So how am I supposed to forget about her if she has been a huge part of my life?


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  • Maybe you need to think of things in their general sense. Going to the gas station, drinking coffee, going to supermarkets,---are all things that people do every day. Maybe you need to turn down the value you place on these things. Tell yourself that they are things that millions of people do every day, not something unique to her. While it is quite obvious that you still have feelings for this girl and after reading your comments below, I agree with Trinahar, if you do want to try to get her back eventually, you need to let her go for a while. Let yourself mature and grow up. Put yourself out there, maybe even consider dating someone new. You seem to be idealizing her and you may find that the reality of being back with her may not be all you think it's going to be. So, try to get out and date some different people before you go back--if you go back. Make some new memories and know that you're not always going to feel like this.


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  • Ooooh, that changes everything. Sorry, but you might have to let a lttle more time pass before trying to talk to her again. Why did you threaten to kill her boyfriend? Not cool. Us girls see that as a definite "turn off." In light of your new information, I'd have to suggest that you give her lots of space and let her see that you've matured and not being a threat to her or her boyfriend's safety. Maybe in time she will come to forgive and forget. Good luck.

  • Why are you trying to forget her? You're clearly still in love with her and want her back. What are you waiting for? Go get your girl before it's too late. You men can be so stubborn sometimes and you let your pride keep you from apologizing, and you hate to show your vulnerabilities. But, there's a time and a place to play "tough guy," and sir, this is not the time to hold onto your pride and "be the man." Go and get your woman. Pride won't keep you warm on cold nights, and it won't tell you it loves you, and you can't kiss it or build a future with it... lol. Get my drift? Go and admit your mistake to her, and let her know that you're sorry. Ask her for another chance. If you don't fix this situation, it's going to haunt you for the rest of your life. Regret is a hard thing to live with. Don't waste any more time looking back...other than to go get her. It's time to move forward and build a new life together for the two of you. Good luck.

    • There is no way she is ever gonna even talk to me again. She is most likely with her other boyfriend now too. I haven't been able to get a word from for the last year. But still I send her an email once in a while and I know she reads them, maybe one day her feelings will change but it's stupid to rely on that. I already told her I realized all my mistakes, but nothing works. I guess after I threatened to kill her boyfriend, she thinks it's better we don't talk anymore.

  • i am sorry...well it will take time for you to adjust to your must be hurting you alot. but I assure you with time you will be better, but she will always be a huge part of your life...which you can never deny. and don't try to forget, you won't be able to...instead you will remember her more and it will hurt you more. when I had my first break up, I was totally taken over by the break up..was thinking of him the whole time and complaining to my friends...and I did miss him especially while I was going to places where we visited together or him next time...etc...many moments and even harder was seeing him with another girl. at first I try to ignore, but couldn't ignore much so I faced it and got used to it...and thought still today it hurts me..but am doing much better. I hope you will too.


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