Boyfriend of 1 year has disappeared again, after begging me back?

Hi I need some advise, this is long winded so I will try and cut it short

meet this guy 3 years ago and he had a daughter, was with him 4 months and he would never stay over my house, I asked him why one night and he left never to see him again, until a year and half later.. Everything was great this time he would see me 2-3 times a week and stay over, although always getting up early and going.

He disappeared for a couple of days,just before I was supposed to meet his family.. and then he finally days and days later told me his dad died. I was very understanding obviously and helped him through the whole thing.. still I had never been to his house (he lives 60 miles away) months go buy, and things are good again, until he tells me out of the blue he wants a break, and was very cold hearted about it,. 4 days later he calls me and I'm real angry and told him to leave me alone and that I know he has got someone else.. its obvious as he wouldn't take me to his house.. he then said there is a reason why I haven't taken you to my house.. I have another daughter that lives around the corner, and because I haven't told you I couldn't bring you up her. Well finally sort it out and I forgive him.. he then after 2 weeks told me that it was over he didn't want me anymore and blanked my calls. Then he came back, begging crying like nothing I've seen before.. made promise after promise, was meant to be meeting his family the next weekend.. and he went on and on about how much he couldn't wait for me to go up, and that he bought me a toothbrush, body wash, his fridge is full of my favorite wine etc.. everything was great until 4 days prior to me going up there.. and again he disappeared, ignored my calls, answerphone messages and texts, I thought someone ad happened I was worried. I sent a text and his hone was off.. had the delivery report the next morning at 6 (the time he gets up to go to work) so I doubt nothings wrong.. called him again and again.. next he started cutting the call off when I was ringing..i stopped trying to contact him then, and 5 days later I haven't heard from him since. I don't think this man has any feelings has he.. I don't think he has a heart. Evan the last time I spoke to him it was - I'm going to make you my wife, make you happy, can't live without you. and I can't believe the pain I have put you through. We were only back together 2 weeks, and everyday without fail he said he loved me so much, and that he's si sorry for hurting me before.. has this man got some sort of a mental illness? Please can someone advise? Thank you


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  • Girl he is just playing you. When a man disappears on and off usually there is probably a reason that isn't good (like another woman). the fact that he comes back like nothing happened is because he's using you like a backup girl that he can always come back to. But men only do what you allow them to do. Stop taking his calls and tell him to kick rocks. Who does he think he is playing you like a yoyo like that? either he wants to be with you or he doesn't and his actions show he really doesnt.


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