Does he still like me?

Does my ex still like me or is playing mind games and is a player for saying this to me on my birthday as follows:

"happy birthday my little doll"

and supposedly he is seeing this other gal now and he told me a month ago that he's thinking of breaking things off with her why would he tell me that? And ask me if I am seeing someone he asks me a lot of questions about the guy? Is he jealous? And on his fb it still says he's single and he still keeps in touch with me. Does he miss me or is trying to make me feel jealous or wants me as the rebound? I WILL NOT be his rebound if he suddenly pulls the plug on the new gal. And his sister and I still keep in touch too. It's all so weird and complicated but it's his loss.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, I think he is jealous and he still seems to take interest in your life and I think he is trying to make you jealous by testing you, yes some indications are there right, for example when he mentioned that he is seeing the other girl and is thinking of breaking off with her, he could have said that purposely to test your reaction, so that can be taken as trying to make you feel jealous.

    It seems like he is still playing games with you. You should just stay away from this guy, block him off from all social media.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's trying to get your attention but it definitely also seems like he's playing with you. I'd get some distance from him or at least make it clear that there's nothing left between you two.


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