How do I get over him?

I can't stop thinking about a guy I broke up with awhile ago. Any tips on how to stop feeling so blue about the whole situation?


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  • since what time you breakup with him, my girlfriend break up with me 3 months ago and I also can't stop thinking about her.

    • About 6 months for me :(

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    • I see, but I believe you we're the one who want it, but now you regret for your decision.
      Did you feel like you miss him, have you ever tried to be with another guy, after you break up with your ex? What is making you to think about him still, perhaps the love?

    • I'm not sure if I really regret breaking up with him, we definitely weren't right for each other. I have been with several guys since I broke up with him, and yes, I suppose being emotionally attached to him is why I'm still thinking of him. But I know it'll pass, I'm just feeling sad right now. :(

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  • Remove all the things that reminds you of him , pictures , text messages , gifts , phone number and don't "stalk" him on social media to see what he's up to.
    It's ok to be sad but don't forget to move on you do this by keeping busy with your study , sport , hobbies etc.
    Going out with friends is a great distraction and it's also nice to meet new people I mean who knows maybe you'll meet someone interesting that makes you forget about the other person that hurts you.
    Remind yourself that you too deserve someone that can give you the same affection back or more :)
    When you think back about the unreasonable things he did to you then you can easily say to yourseld " Hey I didn't deserve that screw him it's his loss !" ;P
    You'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiine don't worry ;)


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  • You have to keep yourself busy and distracted. Find something like a hobby that you love to do. Its going to take time to get over him but its worth it trust me. If you have his number block it, if you follow him or have him as a friend on any social media accounts block him. Just cutting off all contact with that person and acting like they don't exist really helps. It takes time, yes but it helps.


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