Anyone ever get back with an ex after being separated for over a year? Can it really happen?

Has anyone ever got back with their ex after being separated for over a year. My ex and I have been separated for over a year. We speak almost everyday and get along very well. But when I bring up the subject of getting back together she shuts down. We have children and where together for 8 years. She had told me maybe in the future but not anytime soon. Is there a point when one should just give up? Does one keep fighting for their family?


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  • It is possible. After 8 months, my ex wanted to get back with me but I wasn't feeling the same way so it didn't happen. You guys have history and kids, so anything is possible.

  • Id say be the for the kids of course. But you dont hav to be married to be a good father. You eventually need to do something for yourself


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