Why is my ex being too nice all of a sudden?

When my ex and I broke up back in December I never made contact with him. We have a two year old daughter, and I figured if he wants to be part of her life that he had to make that effort himself. Anyway, I just didn't want to make contact with him at all. However, he did visit our daughter and spend time with her. But last month he moved out of town and he never contacted me close to a month. Our baby was running out of diapers, and I had no choice but to text him, and so I did. He texted back right away and I told him that she needed diapers. He called and we talked, and it seemed like he was happy to hear from me. He was being too nice and usually he would tell me to wait, but he said that he was going to send money as soon as he got off work. He kept texting me telling me that he's going to send it. When we were talking he asked how everyone was doing and I just told him they're doing fine. Why was he being too nice and not gave me a hard time like he usually does?


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  • i think there is more going on with him than what you know. try getting him to talk then you might get the answers you want.


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