This guy won't LEAVE ME ALONE? Why would he mess with my heart like this?

This guy I drove to met told me he really liked me. After that he disappeared and I confronted him. He told me I was assuming and doesn't want to deal with me when he's busy and that I assume. I apologized. He ignored me for two weeks. Then texted me the day before April fools saying he had to ignore me because he was not going to argue with me. Stupid me accepted his apology text. But then I checked online and saw he was on his dating profile and redid the whole thing. He claims he was crazy busy and had no time to do anything but he's on there. I confronted him again about what he wants from me. Why is he messaging me now. He didn't reply. I told him to delete my number and not contact me. I'm not an option. I spilled my feelings to him and he did not care at all. Plus he ignored me after me trying to understand all of this. Why would someone do this? I find this so cruel to mess with someone. He made me feel worthless by saying this was all my fault when he was playing games the whole time. Why did he message me? I really thought this would go somewhere and he wanted to work this out but he's ignoring me again. I feel horrible and my heart hurts.


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  • Ok so he things he has you wrapped round his finger and that if he said jump you would say how high so stop that right now lol. Make it clear WHAT you want and if he isn't down for that tell him if he changes his mind to contact you BUT you won't hang around and wait. Then leave it at that if he texts you ignore for the first couple of times make him chase you


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  • It is cruel and he's just a horny dog I think you did the right thing !
    Because you catched him redhanded he simply does not know anything to say back so he's a shallow guy.
    I think he messaged you just to keep you as a second option... he does not put effort in it but just does a little that seems the right amount to keep you interested in him.
    I think you should be happy to not have to deal anymore with such a person !
    Suppose you stay with him he will only toy with your feelings... you deserve better :)


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  • Maybe you should have approached contacting him directly through a message so it would be more clear and just the two of you. No guessing who it is etc..

    • i think its safe to say you both hurt eachother. That doesn't mean they dont care for you they just can't discern which posts are yours and which aren't so its a complete guess what page you are on

    • He loves you though. That is fact.

  • You're gay?


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