Guys, Break the ice or let it go?

I dated this guy for a couple of months, things were hot and heavy but we both knew we didn't want a serious relationship, we were just hooking up and having fun. Well we stopped hanging out a couple months ago and I'm realizing how much I miss him. Should I call or text him and let him know? Or do I just let it be? As a girl we are always told he will make the move, is this true? If he had any feelings for me still would he have already of gotten in contact with me? I just don't want to put myself out there if I already have the answer...


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  • Yes , and if he did have feelings for you then he would chase BUT send him a text saying what you out on here say you had fun and you developed some feelings that was completely in expected n that you don't expect him to do anything he didn't want to BUT if he does well then he knows where you are. Leave it at that

  • Maybe he's just insecure.. Best thing to do is to contact him and tell him everything at least you'll have no regrets later.. If he wants to let it go you let it go just let him know you miss him


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