Throwing away my ex's present?

My ex was abusive and literaly destroyed me from within. I have recovered a lot now but for some reason I hesitate to throw away his gift and letter. I have no feelings for him anymore and I wonder what I was doing with such a disrespectful guy.
But for some reason each time I think that I have to throw away his gift and letter I hesitate. Why? And what do you think I should do... wait before doing it?


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  • Hmm , personally if he's gone that far I'm sure he is sorry and regretful. I think personally he has issues which need to be resolved. But do I think you should give up? NO I am currently going through a break up myself and would give anything to show my ex girlfriend how great I can be. Sometimes break ups can actually help create a better relationship as it pin points what went wrong and what needs to be done to make it right BUT if you go back just get a few counselling sessions he may have some issues "child related " or just something in general.

    • I have not been clear enough I guess, I am sorry. We actually "broke up" many times before (he initiated it each time) untill that time when I had enough and didn't talk to him for months. Then, when he came back I gave him another chance and he kept bringing me down when I failed, he lied to make me jealous countless times etc... I thought that he had issues that need to be addressed and tried to help and listen but... No, just no. He was being hurtful on purpose and he admitted many times that he liked it. "Some girls are dumb but at least they have nice bodies. You are dumb and have nothing interesting" And this is just one thing among so many others.
      As for the gift, it is something he gave to me while we were in the relationship.

    • Seems like he needs attention to feel wanted and for ego reason. There is nothing you can do to help him the only way is to go no contact as he needs to understand that the way he's acting is not healthy how can you live your life with that sort of crap I think you are a nice person and you deserve to find someone who doesn't have these outcasts. He needs to realise he's being un reasonable and if you show him you won't tolerate that it is him who will have to change for good

    • I have gone no contact and it's been months that I did not speak to him. He asked to talk to me but I refused many times. I don't think he could ever change, he is messed up, you know I once had a particularily awful panic attack because of all the stress he was putting me through, I was struggling to breath and he was all nice and sorry and whatever but a few days later he told me that he wishes my next panic attack gives me a heart attack. Can a person who is that evil really ever change? I don't think so and I won't try to find that out.

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  • If his gifts make you remind yourself about your resentment towards him, better get those gifts out of your sight. You don't necessarily need to throw them if you hesitate to put those in your trash bin. You may give it to the needy (if applicable, depending on the gift) or store it in a very secret place you won't bother going into.

    If you can't take it anymore, I'd suggest burning them if you want but that would be very extreme in my opinion.


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