I know it's easier said than done but how can I get over someone?

I'm just so bummed that things didn't go smooth with this guy. I really, really liked him. It's been one week since we last spoke, and I'm going crazy, (bat shit crazy actually) thinking about everything. We only dated for a month really, but still.

I mean I am busy like with work, and on the weekends i'm planning on picking up a new hobby- surfing. I know for sure that I will put dating on hold. it's just too much for me right now. I can't handle the disappointments that comes with it. Plus most of these guys I met are from online, maybe I need a different channel.


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  • There are a lot of different ways to get over someone. Here are some things to think about:
    1. Time heals all wounds. Give it time.
    2. Realize that fantasies / made up situations make it worse.
    3. Realize that even if he was in the top 1% of guys in the whole world, there are still about 35 000 000 others just as good or better.
    4. Meditation will help you realize your own worth and that you truly don't need anyone else.
    5. Do what you feel like without judging yourself for it, cause that's where most pain originates from. If you feel like crying, or watching a sad movie or whatever it is, just do it and don't feel bad about it. Excercising your feminine energy is always good.
    I think it's great that you're planning to pick up a new hobby - Meeting new people is always good, especially after a break up.
    Remember that these things happen and will most likely happen again, but don't let it close you off emotionally, try to live with an open heart and surrender to love - don't let this break up ruin your next relationship (might be too early to think about the next one but keep this in mind). Try to learn from these experiences and realize that he came in your life to teach you something.

    Best of luck to you in the future - Both with the surfing and relationships

    • This is beautifully said. He definitely taught me a lesson. Would you reallconsider that a break up? we weren't together at all, just month of dating.

      I wish he'd come back. but after bailing on me 2nd time, I've had it.

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  • Let him know that he should only contact you if he wants to get back toegether after that go no contact act asif he doesn't exist time is the only cure for this my friend.

    • Lol. I am going no contact.

      When he tried to re schedule because apparently he has a killer headache, I said "it's been nice knowing you , take care" I haven't heard from him. I wonder if he will come around?

    • Hmm , I think you was maybe abit harsh BUT he'll get over it lol you probably made it look like you want him gone completely though but if he try's re scheduling just do it at a time and place he decides so ask him where and when then say see you there then leave it only use texting n stuff as a means of arranging meet ups. If he refuses to meet up just say ok let me know if you change your mind but I'm not interested in friendship as I have enough friends lol

    • I said that because he bailed on me the 2nd time now.
      Anyways, I thought he would get over it but it has been one week now and i haven't heard from him lmao

      But seriously though :(

  • Ya, definitely new channel even though everyone is online and social networks and chat room and blah blah... There isn't a fast acting formula to overcome grief, you have to let it run the course. It's been noted that the best way to get over a relationship is to start a new one.. I dunno? You should reach out and make contact with the person you are missing... you have to go for what you want in life now ! if it isn't what you expected or isn't possible you will feel better about " what's next " and good luck surfing !!! That's a great way to find answers...

    • Surfing as in the water sport! Surfing in the ocean not online sheesh lol.

      Yeah going through grief, I had to end it for a reason. we were in the early dating stage so not much was invested really. sigh.

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    • If I said that to you, how would you have handled knowing this is the 2nd time you're bailing... Ugh I don't know

    • depends on why I might have bailed and how much I like you ;-)

  • Pop rocks.


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