How to get over someone?

I cannot get over him no matter how hard i try and it frustrates me. Day and night i find myself thinking about him and reminiscing. He keeps popping up in my head continuously... Just an argument and i wasn' too fond about his actions. It also sucks that i'm 17 and not allowed to go out yet and that basketball game would've been fun , the one he invited me to.

I need serious advice because its "killing" me inside.. Oh so bad.


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  • Ino how you feel my ex girlfriend first love dumped me and is now in a rebound. Best thing to do is leave the doors open ( ball in his court ) and go no contact there really is no way of getting over someone accept time.


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  • Try to keep busy and do things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. You might meet new people (and a new crush) in the process.

    Ultimately, I think time helps.


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