Girls, What is my ex girlfriend playing at?

Ok so my ex girlfriend of 4 years dumped me thinking the grass would be greener and that she'd have potential to get this manager of hers at her new apprenticeship placement (which didn't work out clearly ) so she now has a rebound who is a chav I. e does drugs the perfect example of what she would describe as the worst boyfriend she could have during our relationship. She spent most of her in heritance whilst we was toegether and bought me loads of stuff which she has left for me to keep. So from day one she could never tell me that it was final so as son as I found X out about her new boy friend I went no contact and stopped trying to win her back. I said don't contact me unless you want me back if you don't want me back then all the best for the future. She ignored but now she always makes excuses to call me. So I keep telling her to not contact me unless she wants me back. She keeps ignoring it. If her new boyfriend was great then why wouldn't she just text back to say I only contacted due to sorting something and thank you I also wish you all the best. But no she ignores and just makes another excuse. What the hell is she doing i mean she's sat with her new guy with my name tattood on her back I have all this stuff she bought and she can't admit that she truly likes him over me she's just running around in circles. I answered and she was overly nice and then I send that text following her call saying only to call if she wants me back n that I don't hold grudges and I will support her but otherwise if she doesn't then I wish her all the best. thus has happened around 5 times now at least twice a week.


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  • But Did you respond to any of what she said? And why do you think she has a bf?

    • She put it on her Facebook and a family member told me. i feel that he maybe was questioning her loyalty to him as she was still in contact with me and I didn't even know she was with him. So I found out but she never told me even though I made it clear I only want to talk if she wants me back.

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    • Yeah you're definitely not the guy i was thinking. Lol they sucks for her. Srry you had to put up with that kind of behavior. Good luck in the future though.

    • Haha thank you for your time ! And you to

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