Why do I still get sad over something that happened a year ago?

my ex and I dated for two and a half years. we talked about marriage and we were really close. then he cheated, lied, dumped me, had sex with another girl, told me we were gonna get back together, used me for sex and treated me like shit. we haven't talked since the middle of February, and we broke up last May but this still makes me sad to think about everything that happened. how can i get over this? he's totally moved on and doesn't get sad about it. he has a new girlfriend, who, for the record, he cheated on with me for three months. i was unaware he was in another relationship. please help, i think about him all the time and i want to move on and be done with this chapter of my life.


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  • Why do you still get mad? It's simple, he hurt you. You get mad because you don't understand how someone could use you, especially after saying they want to share their life with you.

    When someone does that it shakes you, it makes you feel like you're crazy and that you are not able to properly judge people.

    The thing you need to do to move on is to focus on all the bad. It didn't work out because he has no respect for you. He can't or chooses not to be faithful and that's a huge problem for you. You deserve someone who is only with you and someone who actually does want to spend their life with you.

    He lied to you. He made you feel as though there was a future when there wasn't, and that is incredibly hurtful. I know this because I've been here too. I don't know how people can do that to another person, but they do. It's tough, and it makes you want to kick and scream.

    I was cheated on too. It sucks big time! It really shakes your beliefs.

    You may think they are happy, but think about it. If he cheated on you and he cheated on her with you, then if she knows, she's probably not having a good time. Probably worried all the time that this guy is going to cheat, and leave her for someone else. That's not a very good, healthy, happy relationship.

    You have a chance to find someone who is going to see all the wonderful things you poses and is going to cherish your relationship together. You deserve so much more than what this guy had to offer, that's why it didn't work out.

    Move on by investing in yourself. Buy some new clothes, get your hair done, get your nails done, look fabulous. Go out, have confidence! Hang out with friends and people who leave a positive impact on your life. Discover new hobbies and learn new skills.

    You'll eventually find a guy who is going to bring good things into your life like love, respect, and honesty and not lies, pain and tears.

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    • thanks so much. do you think its possible he still thinks about me?

    • and do you think they will work out and eventually become something serious?

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  • You need to start looking for a new man, or you need to find something new about you. And focus on that. He will eventually fade out of your constant thoughts.

  • Unfortunately it's been quite awhile but obviously your just still not over it, you still need to heal. Have you dated anyone else yet?

    • no i haven't but I've hooked up with other guys. and my ex and i had been hooking up on and off after the break up until a few months ago so do you think thats why I'm having a hard time too? and do you think he could still have feelings?

    • Yes, of course "off & on's" always make things even harder and he probably also have feelings for you too. But have you not been interested in the other guys you hooked up with

  • Because, you're not allowing anyone else to enter in your life.


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  • Feel the same. But i think you'll eventually see enough bad in him to never look back. .. saw more of my bad sides than anyone ever has. memories dont always disappear. But they will fade.


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