What is a good way to get over being betrayed?


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  • Betrayal is so painful, especially when someone you trusted not to hurt you , betrays your trust. I don't think anyone truly gets over a betrayal , they just somehow find a way of moving on from it despite their pain.

    The biggest challenge is trusting again. You just have try to not allow it to consume you. As hard as it may be, don't dwell on it. Whoever betrayed you has shown their true character, so don't allow their behaviour to mould you in a negative way , because that will just prevent you from moving forward.

    • I still have to interact with them on a regular basis will killing them with kindness help?

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    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • sport. release the anger by exercise.

    • I wish that they had adult dodge ball.

    • go visit a gym where you can punch a punching bag. or run or whatever, exercise will definitely help you release the stress

    • Thanks I''ll try that but for now I'm just so wiped from the emotions. That and midterms.

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  • Working out, cutting off contact with them. Blocking them off of every social media and there number as well. Acting like they are invisible


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