Je never replied?

My ex broke up with me 2 months ago, of course I still care about him for the fact that he didn't give me a reason for the break up. it's just kinda hard. anyway, I text him a couple weeks ago and he told me hi and stuff then he told me he would text me later and he never did. then recently he commented on one of my MySpace pictures. so I text him about it saying I haven't talked to him in a while but he never replied either... what should I do?


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  • What are you trying to accomplish from him?

    • I want to at leasttttt be friends with him. or even get back together.

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    • I guess your right.. its just hard haha

    • I know its hard because I'm in your shoes right now I was her a daughter with this girl and she is doing the same to me and I don't know why

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