Everything happens for a reason?

I have a best friend and her brother is friends with me we haven't seen each other for 3 years she moved we reconnected again through MySpace and her brother started talking to me also in 2008 when she wasn't around and he actually kissed me too. We made out couple times. when she wasn't around and when she wasn't there he goes I like you I go yeah right I know you like for ever you don't like me we fight all the time he's go no I Like you and then he messaged me on MySpace telling me he wants to date me but we couldn't let his sister know because shell break it up.so we secretly dated for 3 years and he wanted me to be his first and I was his first and he was my first was this a thing of everything happens for a reason or love because he even told me hell wait and he waited for a year and he thought I was gonna breakup with him and he goes I f***ing love you and don't want to lose you. me and the sister got into a fight a year ago and we are friends again now the brother is mad at me but I know he's not because when his sister leaves the room me always talks to me for like hours he thinks I don't love him when I do I never told him when he told me we had sex like 7 times I should of told him then but I was scared do you think I should of told him?


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  • sounds complicated but yes. I like to think that everything happens for a reason. You will never beable to be together if you don't face it and be open abbout it.


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