Anyone ever walk away from someone they are in love with, just so they do not get left behind? Sucks, no?

It seems like I start doing it in my mind, before anything gets started, but it is vague, so I can't really catch myself doing it, until I feel like NEED to.


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  • kinda...I really didn't have much of a exbf of 3 years who I was madly in love with broke up with me and I tried everything that I could to get him to change his mind...but then he started being an asshole. So I forced myself to give up, walk away, and leave him be...because I couldn't take the heartbreak anymore. I love him stilll but there is nothing more that can be done...the only thing left is for him to come to his senses and come back to me.

    • Sorry that happened... I think you should try someone else first, & see if maybe you could find happiness with more respect.. It is hard, but assholes are that way for a reason that usually even they do not ow.. I wold date other people while 'waiting' so you can keep your spirits up & have a different experience to deal with him... or do some other thing, but do not just date HIM.

    • Im not waiting on him...i was just saying that him coming back to me would be the only thing left that could happen...He is seeing someone else right now anyway...

  • yes. I've done that before. me and this guy, have known each other for a long time. we dated more than 6 times in 3yrs. I loved him the last time we went out. I knew I was going to get hurt, so I broke it off with him. but he was also making me really miserable. so yah. but I loved him so much.


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