Ex-girlfriend apologized to me after a year of no contact?

During a period of difficulty in my life my ex girlfriend dumped me. I made the mistake of pleading with her not to break up. She said we were not compatible and our relationship would not work. I believe this was just an excuse of hers to break up with me and date new guys that would interest her more.

She has since dated at least one or two guys and has broken up with both of them and is now single. She texted me a brief message after a year of no contact saying she was sorry for what she had done to me. I have not responded at all. Further, this girl knows absolutely nothing about what I have been doing for the past year as I have no social media.

This is the second time this girl has broken up with me to date other guys and then come back to me.

I now have a good job and have learned to live alone waiting for the right girl.

This girl treated me with an extreme level of disrespect when she broke up with me.

My question is:

How can I take as much revenge as possible out on this girl? Is it better to flat out ignore her or should I refuse her apology and insult her telling her what I really think of her?

If I ignore her is it possible she will continue to text/pursue me?

Any insight into what she is thinking right now would be greatly appreciated.


What Girls Said 2

  • Ah, I do know how this is. My ex-boyfriend apologized to me a few months ago. However, it had taken him a full five years to apologize, instead of one.

    Well, I think you shouldn't try to take revenge on her. That isn't the right thing to do. Simply take the apology, then ignore her if she continues to message you. Sooner, or later, she will get the hint.

  • breaking up is a sad thing😣😓


What Guys Said 1

  • Do NOT take revenge on her.
    Be the ''better person'' and move on from all this. The only reason she comes back into your life is because you let her, do not take her back.
    You know what is better for you, dont ignore her, tell her exactly how you feel and what she has done to you without insulting her and then tell her thats why you can't go back with her. Its the truth, isn't it?

    So be the better person, be honest and upfront and dont take her back. Thats all you have to do.
    It might not be easy but even I did it, Im sure you can do it too.

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