Would you do this guys after a break up?

we had a fight last week. emotion was high, he sent me angry text... after 2 days. i responded to him that i got his text and calls...
so contact resume.
the text from ea. of us were like before... like noting happened. he would give me detailed descriptive text about what happened, what he did.
but he didn't ask about me.
we went back and forth like 10 text... i stopped responding.

would you write so much if you broke up with the girl? have you done long text after a break up?


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  • Its quite a broad question and there's so many factors that change the answer. Me personally I had a breakup over arguments too and I ended up writing really long texts to her. It usually happens when you care a lot about them and need to write more to explain shit to them.

    • the text wasn't about the relathinonhsip. it was just about what he did over the weekend.
      i felt he didn't have to go into details about the ins and outs of it...
      so did you two got back together?
      who ended the relationship?

    • Well its really complicated but basically she was eventually convinced that we don't work anymore or have the right chemistry, she still has deep rooted feelings for me but she thinks it will never work again. It ended on a mellow note but she started losing contact with me and eventually blocked me. I ended up being the dog chasing her about cuz I love her more than she realises. Now were much more friendly and talk quite often but it never goes anywhere as much as i try. I think people close to her have convinced her that I'm not worth her time and that i still have the power to hurt her feelings just as bad as the first time. Really pathetic. Everyone knows she a stubborn girl but I can't help but love her xD

    • how long did you chase after her after the fight?
      do you two go to the same university?
      i am sorry that it didn't work out. heard one door closes, another opens.
      oh... so do you still contact her now?

  • That's odd that he would write so much if he broke up with you, I mean unless he didn't get the closure or didn't give you any explanations, then it's possible otherwise not.

  • No... after a break up.. no contact.. ever.

    • So why did he respond with sicj detailed text.
      "Yeah but the point was that Barclay's is close by. I don't think he wants to schlep all the way out to..,"
      For example... Let the way we used to chat...

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