My ex wants me to call him but he won't?


So me and my ex broke up in December. Last week we started talking again through msn IM. He was asking me how I was doing and stuff like that. Then he asked me why I haven't called him. I didn't know what to tell him, (I mean, we are broken up) but he hasn't called me either and its been more than 2 months since we talked on the phone.

OK so then he sent me a MySpace message saying "I just hope I hear your voice soon..."

I'm just wondering why he wants me to call him but he won't call me?

Is it possible that he may feel intimidated or nervous?

Can someone help me figure this out please?

would it be OK if I let him know that he can call me?


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  • Either he is too nervous to call you or he's the type of guy that feels powerful or that he's "won" if you're the one to call him first.

    • Yea that's how I feel and that's why I haven't called him

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