Guys, Why when I try to reach him for urgent matters he ignores?

Was yesterday. It was urgent i needed to talk.. i sent him message. That i didn't want him back but to discuss a matter.. and that if he is a man to reply me... but nothing... he didn't do anything... bcs his friends started to contact me and add me.. by the way i ended the relation.. 11 days ago and he blocked me from everywhere... bcs he dissapeared for 5 days.. only one friend tried to fix our issue but i refused... and yesterday when i spoke with our friend if they talked... he said didn't talk since last Thursday... lol which i dunt believe.. bcs they r close... and the 1st time we broke up he sent our friend to fix.. thats why... I dont get him... wt he wants? He watch me from afar? Or he doesn't care or wt? iam not needy or beg. and am on NC rule.. I just wanted to discuss the matter... can u please tell me wts going on in his head?


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  • the way you handle things is completely wrong. be wise and patience, cuz the way you solve the problem perhaps create another problem.
    never mind about what's going on in his mind. but if really wanna discuss about something really matter.. just send him a message contain what you want to say.. without expectation or wanting to respond.. cuz at this time you're just a messenger, not together anymore.

    Good luck...

  • The question is, what exactly did you expect?

    Let's go over what happened.

    1) YOU broke up with him.
    2) YOU now need him for something, and YOU make it clear that you don't want him back.
    3) YOU expect him to give you what you want, despite the fact that you broke up with him.

    Sorry, it doesn't work like that. If you break up with someone, don't expect them to be your pal afterwards. He wants to move on with his life, and doesn't owe you anything.

    • Hi. I understand. But i broke up for a reason.
      he stayed away for 5 days with NC at all... though we were together... and i was not needy at all.. i only tried to ask if he is ok and he didn't reply back... i mean common...
      And i found out he replied to my friend of mine on insta... and i felt fooled.. so i told him to break up... i mean i gave him space...
      and he didn't ever appreciate... and didn't tell me the reason why dissapeared...
      you get me now...
      and for tge matter i needed him.. was personal about sexual activity and i was worry..
      and if i said i dunt want him.. bcs he pushed me away with NC for 5 days :(

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    • That's really strange of him. Does the sexual matter involve him? If so, he should contact you. If not, he probably wants nothing to do with it.

    • I dunt know really wt he wants... he turned so cold... even his friends quit talking to me
      i mean.. he is the reason to break up with him
      nd he didn't show anthing... :(
      Wtever... :(