Why is my ex blowing hot an cold?

We met near end of 2014. He was super caring an very passionate. It was sort of long distance , I lived hour from him

He travelled to get me an I went for weekend breaks. He stayed at my house . It was not a bad relationship. Basically one day had big argument. An he shockingly ended it an cut all contact.

I was heartbroken. Then time went on I dated others an got into relationship , exactly a year after the split. December that year he inboxed on FB , now I only found this message this past Sunday. As FB doesn't allow msgs through to people not friends with , an it goes to filtered requests an people have to be accepted before hand so I got no notification.

I accepted his request Sunday 3rd April. An did say it's cus of FB requests thing. He said so message didn't come through or you didn't want to talk to me. I felt considering he ended it with me he was very sensitive. Then I showed him proof a screen shot an he believed me. He then said how are you etc, an u still living in same place. Then what do you do now? An then after that he said you with anyone now? so I messaged before because of how we ended it an I wanted to talk about it. I said well you ended it , an he said not cus I wanted to. An said it was due to arguing An other then that he said he really liked me

He said your still gorgeous an I said I am single etc. He said he is to. He asked if I found anyone since I said yeah dated an had two bfs. He said same. I felt like maybe he didn't have anyone since cus usually when you move on in the mind like I did you don't think to revert back unless you got regrets. He apologised for hurting me an said he was prob too with arguing not just me. He had me feeling blamed in the past.

We talked on whatsapp since Sunday every day he was busy with uni work a lot. When I said he was special to me before he said is this all a joke an you gonna get back at me an said he sounds paranoid now. He even said he thinks I had boyfriend so blanked him in December. But I did have boyfriend but didn't get the messa

He asked about my day yday an seemed cool then out of nowhere I am blocked? 🙈
I was mature an was willing to give him a shot. Then he does this which is final straw for me. An I did say to him I would find it hard to trust him due to past but now u never could. I forgave him for leaving my life an turning my world upside down over something petty. An he disappeared again an I was even gonna say to him yesterday do not think me an you are a revolving door as the door is shut for good now anyway. He's such a coward. He ended it but h knows he lost a good thing 🙄


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  • It sounds like this is going to be a 'Revolving door' for sure, sweetie, and a Full Circle Problem Pattern down a Bad path. He is this fickle pickle who is Not ready nor raring for Commitment and perhaps it is the Best from the Rest that he did you this favor By... He ended it but he knows he lost a good thing.
    No more Chances at any more Romances, he is so done, it is now Over for Rover.
    Good luck. xx

    • Yeah he wants to disappear then reappear. No way will I accept that but it's my fault for accepting him back an being so welcoming he was shocked by it an thought I had ulterior motives but I never I was genuine hoping to rekindle a burnt out flame. As I wasn't feeling the love for him anymore but cared enough to try see if we could get it back. He knows he lost a good thing hence he came back but cus I didn't shun him away he's thinking he can treat me any way he likes now an that I will be there when he is ready. He's 29 still at uni but has own place but can't hold down a relationship. He has commitment issues an is a coward. Your rhyming makes me smile an it's so good an true. Yeah I told him by text he's lost me for good an that he means nothing to me after what he did. Blown it well an truly I said an I regret giving him Chance. As he's proved he never deserved it. He's got issues I can't deal with so yeah glad he's gone. Xx

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    • Next time he comes back I will ignore ;) I reckon he will unblock an whatsapp me at some point but not interested

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • big hugs!!! he is not worth your effort. it is good he left. you should block him too. you deserve better than that. just move on, focus on your life, you will meet someone better!!! cheer up!!!

    • Yeah he's not. He ended it with me , then turned it around like I am wrong for not responding quick an I had a reason which was true I didn't lie. Nothing but honest with him. He could never give me the same in return though. Glad he ended it when he did , an he doesn't deserve another shot he's proved that !

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    • Thanks I will 🙂 I already moved on an I think he knows my heart could never take him back

    • thats great! thump up for you!!!

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