He is not happy and I'm not happy but I don't want to break up

Okay I have been going with my boyfriend for about 10 months now and just a few weeks ago it all went to ruins well the final straw, my guy friend well ex guy friend kissed me and I felt like crap after he did and I told my boyfriend like I was suppose to and I still feel like total crap and I have made it clear to my boyfriend that I am sorry and how horrible I feel but he is not mad with me anymore but he is still upset and I want him to stop being upset and everything to get better but its not! He said sure our relationship is rocky and I said it is not rocky its a Earthquake and I want it to go away but today I know I should not be the one to get jealous but my girl that is a friend asked me to go outside with her and I was but she went outside and so did my boyfriend and they never came back inside to look for me and didn't even say where is she at? and I got upset cause they were out there along time so I left and went to the cafe, this was at lunch and I just felt like crying. But I know he is sorta still mad at me cause he told me once when me and him and my two friends were going to a restaurant to shut up like five times and he has been correcting everything I say like he is intentionally trying to hurt my feelings and I do love him but I'm just tired of this and I came out and told him I don't think you are happy with this relationship and me and he said I am, meaning he is not happy and I'm not happy but I don't want to break up but that seems like the only option left. Can I fix this?


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  • This same thing happened to me. I ended up breaking up with him, because he met this other girl (which he swears he didn't cheat on me with) and I believed him, but anyway, I kissed a guy friend, and told him and he was upset. Then I started thinking, and realized (about 5 months after) that there was a reason I kissed the other guy, and it was because I didn't want to be with him. Sometimes, the best thing to do is let it go. Is it really worth fixing, if there's no trust, no loyalty and no happiness?

    • Oh my goodness he did it again today! He went back outside with that girl so idk

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