I'm being told I love you but I'm not in love with you from a cheating ex?

My ex told me that he loves me but he's not in love with me. What is that suppose to mean? Oh plus he still wants to have sex with me, but then he got himself a new girlfriend. He said he doesn't love her, and is faking it with her. He hits me up, and still trys to see me. What kind of game is he playing here? Should I tell his current girlfriend what he's doing or let her find out on her own?


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  • LOL ! He thinks the grass is greener. Give him no contact straight away for at least 1 month so he can find out the hard way ! Lol

    • Yeah I did try to do that but then he died... So yeah that's really not what I was expecting he was only 21. He drowned.. His kinda but not really (whatever that meant) girlfriend has no idea what he said about her. I don't know what to do but I guess I should probably let her believe he really did love her. What's the point now when he's gone.

    • First of all sorry for your loss , regardless of your relationship with him. I bet he was nice just a little lost like most 21 year olds. I would leave telling her that. Truth is ! He didn't relly know what he wanted like most young adults its natural. But that didn't make him any less f a nice person. So time to now move on and start a new chapter also respecting the time you did spend with one another :)

    • You're right that's how I look at it too. We all make mistakes, and we did speak after that fight we had too which I'm so thankful for because it would have been terrible if the last time we talked was over this argument. It wS just over text but it still matters. In fact the last time was two days before he died.

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  • Oh shit!! End it now!! Dont entertain your ex. My ex used to say that about his girlfriend and told me. When you got right down to it , what he meant was that
    "I love you but I am not inlove with you" translates

    "I may like you , but its purely sexual but I dont want or can't see you in my life in future"

    so its up to you, but I won't entertain this guy. After I heard my ex say that about his then girlfriend, I thought I can't do this. So glad that I didn't give him sex, such a douche !

    • Yeah I know you're right I don't want anything with him anymore. If he's going to do that to her he will do that to me too. I'm just not sure what to do if I should tell the girl or let her find out herself. I really don't want to be the one to hurt her, and I feel like a part of me would only tell her to get back at him.

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    • Update. He's dead. Drowned 4 months ago exactly from today. Insane. Didn't think I would miss him this much to be honest especially after everything he put me through. She doesn't know what he said about her, and I think it's better that way. What's it matter now that he's dead.

    • Damn. Guess that's one prob solved. @Asker

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