Boyfriend I recently broke up with messaged me. What is he saying?

I broke up with him through frustration & because he needs to sort his life out (didn't tell him this). And he's bad at communicating sometimes, and won't let me look after him being sick.

He recently added a few random girls on a new facebook page. But he didn't download messenger and is never online on whatsapp. I never said I wanted to get back together, but I made it obvious I broke up through frustration rather than really wanting to end it.

He replied:
"I'm out of order but can't bare to break up or deal with this. Seeing you upset will haunt me. So I'm crap. And so sorry. There is not other 'girls.' or anything like that. I've been really ill. And can see i need to sort my life out. It's a really big mess & being with you is unfair for you & hard for me to cope with everything. I understand you being angry & I am too as I really do like you & think the world of you. I'm not cold & forgetful. This hurts everytime I think about it."

I'm trying to move on, but his message is vague. Is he just saying what he thinks i want to hear?
Maybe keeping the door open in case there's no one else?


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