He dumped me why is he so mad I'm seeing someone?

My ex broke up with me around a month ago and he asked to see me yesterday so I agreed, he then ran into the guy I'm kind of seeing and was really rude to him then had a go at me and blocked my number?
he would tell me we can't talk then still text me and ring me and meet up with me.
I do love him but this new guy is great and so caring!
So why would he be so mad? Will he contact me again?
Today his best mate showed up at the guys house I'm seeing and I was there and it was pretty obvious I had stayed the night (no sex yet of course) and I'm worried he's going to get really mad if his friend tells him (do guys tell each other that stuff) because I'm not prepared to deal with his anger really but I still care about him and I know his depression is really bad since we broke up.
This also isn't the first time we've broken up and he's always the one doing the dumping and coming back! but this time I don't want to take him back for both of our sakes because he won't get better if I do as he seems to use me as a distraction :/
im worried because it would have been our anniversary in a few days I don't know how he's going to react.
thanks for your opinion!


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  • I agree with MadGerman in that since you seem to have found someone new and this new guy appears to be a good one, then just go with him and don't look back. It is important to really make peace with the recently ended relationship as well. If you harbor any resentment or ill feelings etc, towards your ex, you won't be really free to have a great relationship with your new boyfriend.

    Something like: well, he (my ex) obviously likes me since he came back, twice, and at the same time, we appear not to be a great match since it doesn't last. I hope he becomes really happy with someone else and finds just the right girl for him. If you can find that kind of perspective, then you should be good to go.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dont care so much about him... he just have to deal with the situation. Best u can do is stay out of his life, so he can go on again.


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