Do guys listen to you if you tell them to stop talking to you and to not even bother? Or do they keep trying?

So until March 7 I was in a real serious relationship with this guy I see at this program place I go to during the week that's for people with disabilities. He would always say that I'm the girl he really wanted and waited for for a while. And the day after he broke up with me he went into a rebound with his ex who is a cheater and whore, and she's cheated on him numerous times. They're still together but he still keeps trying to keep me talking to him this whole time no matter what I say to him. I've tried telling him numerous times that I'm done and I can't talk to either of them or have them in my life. And every time I say anything he keeps trying to keep me. And I've tried stopping contact and letting go several times, and I'm struggling because of that "persuasion" and because I find it extremely difficult to completely stop talking to him altogether and completely let go. But I started trying again last night and about an hour ago I called him just to say don't talk to me and don't even bother trying anymore. And he kept asking me why over and over again. I said I don't wanna get into it and that's all I needed to say. "But why? You don't wanna be my friend?" I said "no and because I'm not happy with it!" Then he said "I'm too nice to you..." Then I hung up. Is he gonna actually listen and leave me alone and for real? Is his rebound girlfriend gonna?
Please and thank you


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  • Ignore him and he'll give up. Persuasion? You are just confused. It may happen a part of you likes that drama, that's why you can't completely let go.
    He's playing you, alright? That should make it easier.


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  • I guess time will tell.😔

    • Is the whole thing crazy and doesn't make sense or is it just me? And it would be better for me if he stopped because I'd possibly have less stress and that anxiety I get when he tries talking to me and I'm trying to avoid him

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    • I am trying to avoid him now. I haven't actually talked to him since Saturday afternoon and now it's Monday night. But he has tried calling me so I'm not surprised. I knew he would. I just don't know how long that'll last. Earlier I was trying to think about the possible scenario of him coming to me and telling me he broke up with his girlfriend or she broke up with him. And even though I really think I really do love him and we discussed marriage before, I met his family and such, I don't know if it would be good for me to have him in my life at all anymore. Like he doesn't deserve me after all or see my worth. Otherwise he wouldn't have started dating her again

    • Well in that case if he's already moved on, leave em for good. And block him on every forum and cite. Dont just let that sht in your life.. Itll only hurt you, and unless you're like me and dont care if you get hurt.. Then get away fron him and stay away. Tell em you never wanna hear or see anything and blick every idea and memory of him out of your life. Dont dontht to urself

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