Why do some girls just never contact you again?

I've had situations where things just "stopped" because she never contacted me again, and therefore, it sucks because I'm not given a reason to hate her, so I'm left hanging.


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  • Did something happen that could have embarrassed her? Not even anything that would seem like an issue to you, but the end of the world to her, (and not necessarily something YOU did to embarrass her, but it could have been something she did or said that she felt really stupid about). I realize you can't know what she was thinking, but I know that happened with me once. I was younger than the 18-24 age range though, so that may make a difference.

  • because it's easier for them just to cut all ties all of a sudden, then to have to talk to you and give you a reason why (ex: them not liking you/having feelings for you)

    • Even with girls that you've known for a few months and had talked to almost every day?

    • Yup. they might think that if they come out and tell you theyre gonna hurt your feelings. I know, its messed up

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