Does my husband continue these emotional affairs with all kinds of other woman because I keep believing he will change and keep taking him back?

  • yes its because you take him back he can manipulate you and get away with it
  • he just doesn't really care he's always going to be like this
  • its your fault he keeps wanting something more with other women
  • completely different reason
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  • Need more info than what you are giving.

    • 4 1/2 years together 1 year 3 months marriage 1 little baby boy almost 2 n so many lies him talking to girls behind my back 1 chic in prison for over a year faithfully write n talked to her i found out while i was knocked up. Left me at 11months for sum skank for 2 months found out he cheated with a stripper from oregon during that 1st 11 months called her n they was friends during 2013 after we got back together... Lied about certain friends that were chics he used to sleep with.. N the latest i found out while we been married he's been calling his 1st love/ ex who lives in a different state since may last year... Supposedly they r best friends but i never hears about it until the next day after i found out

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    • How does that make her dumb for loving someone it makes him dumb for not being a real man

    • @mspiggy1990 Simple: you can't change the other person.
      If that person treats you like shit, there is nothing you can do to stop that. The other person has to willfully choose to stop. If they don't, you have to leave.

  • yes.. he will manipulate you... dump him


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  • If I could figure the same thing out for myself I would let you know it's never anything physical I think he just gets a thrill out of talking to a new woman and most of the time they live in different states and he doesn't even know who the hell they are I have caught him up in it and all he ever says is I don't know that bitch well yeah u don't personally know her but you talking to her I think it hurts women more when they find out a man is emotionally cheating than physical cheating or for me anyway I don't know but I'm still with him why I don't know

    • Yea im right there.. I love him... Im faithful. I love my family my home. The latest one he turned around on me n it hurt... It took me two weeks to get a little confidence back n take care of me... I just had a miscarriage a week ago so it was like it was a sign to get a clue... He dont communicate with me about anything.. N says its cuz i dont communicate with him well im living the same life n i haven't cheated so no what? N its I don't know y... N then he got mad n said i dont care about that bitch about 1st love/ex who he veen talking to while we been married n inwas like oh. now she's a bitch huh funny... I wish i knew wtf

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    • Also did I mention the multiple Facebook accounts that he doesn't think I will find out about

    • Typical well sorry that u r goomg through all of this but it makes me feel a little better knowing im not the only one

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