Do girls really like a guy whose is outgoing and serious about what he talks? And also if your a single mom and the guys wants to be part of the fam?

I met this girl over facebook. We were in a long distance relationship. I went to go see her and everything went smooth those only two days. I told her that im willing to be the father of her baby told her i that i really wanted to be a father and god listened to my prayers. The baby seemed to like me since she saw me in the first time she just putted her arms up and wanted me to hild her so i did and all she did was lay her head up on my shoulder. I was so happy that she liked me and my ex saw that and she told me that im special to her and her baby. I would always ask her how is my baby she would always like what i would ask her. This is my first relationship by the way lol. But anywho we broke up because i found out that she was in a dating app and didn't felt good at all i felt disgusted and couldnt prentend that it ok. So i broke up with her and she right away told me that she wanted to be friends which i didn't felt it was a good idea but i said yes because im a super nice guy and disrespect any female at all. Its been three days we haven't talked since then? Should forget about her or still do the no contact thing?

I miss her a lot


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  • Yes most women like guys that are outgoing and serious about what he says.

    • Thank you so much and i wanted to know if thats the reason why she wanted to still be friends? After i borke up with her because i felt she was distancing from me and also that i found out that she was on a dating website while we were together? How can all this be solved i haven't talked to her for about a week already.!

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