Choosing rape or death? Why I left my religion?

Ive was studying to become a Jehovah's witness for about 7 months up until about a month ago. Most of this was after I heard all kinds of stories about JW doctrines, one of the worst is the so-called "scream rule" which basically is this : If a woman (or male 2 I guess) is being raped they must scream for help. sounds reasonable but then there's cases when a rapist will put a knife to your throat, or a gun to your head and threaten to kill you if you make noise. But even then they expect the victim to scream and if they do not? Then the organization holds that a victim actually CONSENTS if they refuse to scream, even under threat of death! Worst of all, sadly this is in the bible: dueteronomy 22:23 ( Although its interesting that the same scripture goes on to mandate that the rapist MARRY their victim (this is considered a favor to her I guess ). Insanity at is finest. I can't believe I almost joined this nonsense. Would anybody ever want to die instead of being raped? I know I would want to live no matter what.


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  • To me, it's born of unevolved attitudes and conclusions about rape, many religions have taken a long time to change their attitudes and some have not changed yet. It ALWAYS used to be the woman's fault and if she didn't object strenuously enough, it was seen as consent. I would choose rape over death, but then I was raised to believe that it isn't the ultimate sin I can never recover from, some women are taught that and would rather die.

    Personally, (and no offense) I have never been very impressed with the Jehovah's beliefs/treatment of women- did you know only men actually get to go to heaven? Women stay on earth for a kind of less-then-heaven-better-than-hell world with the unworthy men while all the sinful go to hell. To me, if a religion already believes I'm inferior and have no chance of getting salvation, why in the world would I want to join? I don't really support any organized religion because they all tend to have contradictions and rules that don't make sense to me, although many have very good ideas as well- I just don't want to be forced to follow the ones that I feel are wrong.

    • No offense taken, I'm no longer a JW! but, that's actually not true about only men going to heaven (ill explain that below). And Amen about organized religion (Amen? irony haha), The bibles is loaded wih sexist verses and then it perplexes me that there's this verse "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, MALE NOR FEMALE, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. -Galatians 3:28. I just try and take the good out of every faith. Now about heaven for JW's...

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    • Interesting, thanks for the clarification- my information comes from a 30-min debate on it in a seminar, so I'm always happy to hear new facts. Interesting fact though, did you know the JWs were put into the concentration camps right along with the Jews, homosexuals, blacks etc? It was because of their pacifist beliefs, and they were actually some of the most resilient people there (as a general group), partly I suppose because they still tried to convert people and thus had a purpose.

    • Yes, I foudn that very interesting...another interesting thing about them is that they are by far the most multicultural denomiantion in each congregation. (for example there are black baptist churche white baptist churches etc.) If you ever walk into a Kingdom Hall you'll see a wide range of people and interracial marriage is very common. I think its because they emphasize being seperate from th world, so wordly attidues like racism are diminshed. They do have some postive aspects.

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  • Is that a common belief these days or something that has fizzled out over time and something only traditional believers still hold true? I'm finding it hard to believe as someone who has never been a part of any religion, but I don't know much about JWs.

    • Well its in the bible so I think a lot of denomiantions may have bleived it at one time or another (dueteronomy 22:23 ) but JW have udnergone a lot of radicla changes, they started out as a failry orhodox Christian movemnt called "Bible students" but tere leaders became mre readical over time. They used to celeberate holidays but that h been banned since about the 30's I woul guess, spend soem time on google and you'll find lots of major changes.

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  • You think this is the only contradiction in the religious sect? There are so many of these rules that do nothing, but force people to hurt themselves or allow others to hurt them, simply because people in the church have convinced these victims of ignorance that god will HATE them if they don't follow these rules. And thhose are tough adversaries. But, does the church ever change these rules? Nope. Because change equals out to heresy and blasphemy. Same thing with the Vatican in Rome. Have they stopped children from being raped by priests? Nope. Have they ever fired a cleric for his harm to children? Nope. Has anyone had justice? No.

    So, its good you left the church. You wanna live for God? Then do it by being happy and doing whatever you want, as long as you do not harm another human being on this planet. And live it based on what you believe to be important, relevent and right, without having ANYONE else shove THEIR ideas into your head.There's a huge difference between listening for the truth, and being told what you want to hear, and the second comes at a price that everyone pays.

  • Be very glad you took a pass on the JW's. In fact, you might even get on your knees and thank God.

    • I can't say I believe in God

  • perfect example of why I stay away from the religious path.. I ts a hard question to answer but I would say I would choose rape over death... I am a guy sooooo if a girl were to rape me...yeah you can see where this is going

    • If its like a 75 year old woman you would scream

    • You might scream if it were a guy...

    • Mmmm I like both those comments gilfs and men,, my fave haha jk

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