Will he cheat again? Is there emotional attachment to the "other woman"?

When me and my boyfriend broke up he went and had sex with this one girl repeatedly. He lied about it for as long as he could. We got back together and he didn't tell me about her. He said she was just a friend, then I found out the truth and I didn't talk to him for months. Now that I've "forgiven" him and am talking to him again I'm scared.. the girl got shipped off to rehab, but I'm worried that he actually cares for her, and when she comes back he'll be with her again. He claimed that when he was with her, he never stopped talking about me and he made it clear that they weren't dating and that he didn't like her and he was still in love with me... do you think that's possible? is he lying just to get me to stay? would a guy ever say those things to his "fxck buddy"?


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  • A guy would say anything to get out of trouble or avoid trouble. He may actually care for you, he may actually care for her, by not being truthful in the first place you will never know.

    My advice is you can probably do better in the long run with someone who will treat you right. Look for a man, not a guy. It may sound cliche, but it is true. A man will want to be with you and will do everything in his power to make you understand that.


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