If someone walks out on you, and they come back, do you take them back?

Are you suppose to take someone back if they walk out on you and call it quits?

It's the saying something along the lines of, 'Let them go and if they come back it was meant to be.' Or something?


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  • No. Find someone who will never walk out on you.


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  • if its my ex fiance then yes. but it really depends on what your relationship was with them.


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  • It depends on why they walked out on you. Did you just have a minor fight, or was the reason for a break-up over cheating, abuse, or something serious like that? Only you can decide if you want them back, and if the reason they left was a valid reason. We don't have enough facts to answer as to whether or not you should take them back. Sometimes a break-up is a blessing in disguise, and you need to leave it "broken." Only you really know what happened.

    • We dated for about 8 months. Around the 7th month things got rocky, but he said that he wanted to make it work. However, he was moving..and I had no idea. It was something he was planning and he just picked up and left without a goodbye. Now he's come back, and I know I still love him, but after he left, I started thinking that the guy I knew wasn't him at all. One Big Lie?

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    • Point well taken. Thanks so much (:

    • You're welcome.

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